Why become an Axis Blueschild Associate?

Enhance your personal business profile

The first benefit is personal, which you gain from day one of our cooperation. Once having signed our cooperation agreement, you can present yourself and your consulting office as associated partner under the strong, international brand of Axis Blueschild.

Unlock new business in your market

Cooperating with Axis Blueschild, you receive the key for acquiring new clients: an unique service for companies for their strategic evolvement and maximization of revenues and profits.


With EXDESYS system, we share with you our cumulated know how, gained through the acquisition and operation of hundreds of projects in different industries and markets.

Promotion & Publicity

You have the possibility to promote our cooperation in your market and you can generate publicity through our international blog by contributing articles on your expertise and project experience.

Participation in International Projects

Our cooperation is not limited to just business with companies in your region. Cooperating with us, you get the chance to participate projects of other offices.


Of course, when it comes down to it, everyone is in business to make money. We are a business-driven company and have a clear system of sharing project revenues with our associates depending on their involvement in the acquisition and operation of projects.

Personal Evolvement

Axis Blueschild is a highly dynamic company at an international level. We have a permanent need for qualified, business-driven professionals, who are excited to participate in out-of-the-box ventures and ideas.