Every export consultant knows the situation: a client who is highly interested to develop exports and at the same time asks from the consultant to do it against commission on sales.

Usually this expectation comes from smaller producers and here begins the problem: they ask for something, which is not working and of course they don’t have achieved any exports with this logic in the past.

How an export consultant should deal with this discussion?

Don’t make the mistake and start arguing with the client!

What you should do, is to get control of the discussion and put it first of all on the right ground:

Make a clear statement and tell the client to start with the basics: exports always have costs, independently how they are developed: either the company does it alone, either with you or either with somebody else. Put this fact on the table!

The second point is even more important: ask the company if they have an unique product, like Apple or Coca Cola. Do they? Of course, not!

So make your second statement: the reality is, that there are hundreds of competitors in the market and all of them have great products too! Nobody is waiting for your company!

If you have not a huge unique selling point, the only chance to get sales in markets abroad, is our work! We will make the difference!

A favorite argument of customers is the share of risk. “If we pay you, we have all the risk!”

The answer is simple: ask them why they mention the issue of risk? You are not a trader, but a specialized service provider. You provide services and you get paid for that! So simple as that!

Finally we all know, that the theory of commission based export development (again, it never works for a sustainable export development!), is a logic of missing trust and commitment.

Cooperating with a company without any commitment, will never lead to results. A wrong start never has a happy end.

A professional export consultant should not waste his time in such cases. It is a bad investment.

Professionalism starts from the readiness to pay for professional services.