Axis Blueschild – Innovation in Export Development

Axis Blueschild is a leading international business group set up in Düsseldorf, Germany specializing in the export development and the internationalization of enterprises.

Started in 2010 and having operated hundreds of export projects in multiple industries and markets, we are on our way to become the number one global export consulting firm with three innovation Masterlines:


Export development consultancy is considered as a dull business with clients often asking  for commission-based services, which proves their low commitment. This is a recipe for failure. We went in the opposite direction and have built up an international premium brand with the concept of the Premium Class Portfolio.

With this selective marketing concept, we address our services to strong producers who are really interested having us bring their export business to the next level. At the same time, we stay open to medium-sized enterprises who see cooperation with us as a lifetime opportunity for their growth.


A classic problem in consulting business is that clients feel insecure about the performance and the results of consulting services themselves. We have created a powerful and unique system, EXDESYS – Export Development System, an innovative methodology for the successful export development of companies.

With EXDESYS, we present to our clients a very strong and concrete methodology and easily convince them that we know very well how to perform for their export development.


The third innovation which we have started few years ago, is the International Axis Blueschild Team concept, through which we provide to our clients our services in many locations worldwide and at the same time to local consultants the opportunity to join our group participating in new, exciting business opportunities.

The key in our concept is that we are not operating as a loose network. We share with our associates our strong Premium Brand, the philosophy of SELECTIVE Marketing and the EXDESYS innovation, creating a business proposition far beyond the competition in the markets and a unique opportunity for ambitious professionals.

Currently we are entering a new phase in our International Axis Blueschild Team. Having optimized our export development consultancy under a strong, premium Brand, having created our powerful export development system EXDESYS, we now roll out our associate team with an optimized cooperation concept aiming to reach the number of 300 associates in over 75 countries by the end of 2018.

Your Opportunity

Work as a freelance consultant, outside the strict frame of a large corporation, offers many advantages and a feeling of freedom. On the other hand, capable, ambitious professionals suffer from the fact that personal consulting business is usually local and always limited.

Here comes the proposition of the International Axis Blueschild Team: We offer the opportunity to stay in your location and to enjoy your business freedom while at the same time to become a member of an international, premium consulting group and to participate in challenging, international projects.

We don´t interfere in your personal business. What we do is to provide a strong concept, a strong brand and stools to develop with us as new profitable business, beyond what you may be able to do just on your own.

As simple as that. No risk, no catch — just a lifetime opportunity to join a strong, ambitious business group and to participate in interesting, international projects, to gain from our know how and to achieve an additional high income.

How does it work?

You can cooperate with us in three different business categories:

• Acquire and support export development projects with interesting corporations in your location.
• Participate in business development actions in your region for projects from other offices.
• Support as experts of Axis Blueschild in your area of expertise, independently from the markets where these projects are operated.

We start with the first cooperation category and step by step, we open more and more opportunities together, depending on your ability and desire.

What do we offer?

We offer a unique and profitable business opportunity within an innovative framework. You can make money in a dynamic group and within a team which is interested to combine fun and interesting projects with high service performance.

We want to have happy clients, but to be happy ourselves! This is our key to success.

To achieve this, we are selective: we prefer to operate less, but great and profitable projects.

What do we expect?

There are some formal requirements we ask from an associate referring to his qualification, expertise and experience.

More important and beyond these requirements, we are looking for people who understand  great opportunities and who cannot wait to take initiatives in their region for developing high-level business.

We also ask for a high level of professionalism and reliability as we are committed deliver beyond the expectations of our clients.

If you feel that this description is fitting to your personal business philosophy, we look forward to welcoming You in our team!

What does it cost to join our Team?

Until the end of  2018 we will not charge any entrance fee.